Anyone should be able to see that my father has a horrible temper and can be extremely abrasive. He’s the kind that gets into arguments with the neighbours on the placement of the flower pots and picks on everything the maid does. My aunts and uncles go insane trying to deal with him. The funny thing is, I never knew this as a child. He almost never disagreed with something I suggested, and he went out of the way to give me what I asked for, be it french fries or a new LEGO set. He laughed warmly at the childish pranks I played and patiently fed me while I refused to eat my vegetables. To this day, he fondly jokes about how I was such a pain to look after. As I grew older, I started to understand why people could end up in shouting matches with him, but I always give him the benefit of the doubt and (perhaps selfishly) choose to support him the way he did for me as a child - unconditionally. I really hope my neighbours don’t hate me. 

2 years ago

How I know my father loves me:

  1. I always manage to get a really good score when I play badminton with him even though my skills are atrocious and he is a fantastic player.
  2. On the rare days I’m home early, he hovers by my room door and finds the most random things to comment on about my room.
  3. He is always subtly hostile to the boys I bring home.
  4. He lets my siblings and I play (and sing at the top of our lungs to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry in the car even though he must be positively tormented.
  5. Before I go on a trip, he acts like I’m on my own but always comes up with an indirect reason to give me money.

Sometimes I choose not to understand or notice what his actions mean, but deep down I do. Thanks dad :)

2 years ago

I come from a family that is totally inexpressive. Words and hugs are not our forte. Thus you can imagine the tens and thousands of things I wish I can tell my father. But I guess, if I only have ten seconds with my father ever again, I’ll probably tell him this:

"Daddy, thank you for your unconditional love. I will never be who I am without you. I love you."

A simple ten-second sentence which will probably be left unsaid. But I hope my father can get to hear those words through my other silent means of love, like simply sitting beside him and enjoying a favorite game of sport together in front of the TV :)

2 years ago


Watching me learn to walk and run
I’m certain there were times it wasn’t fun.
Twenty-five years of life I had to abide,
without a doubt you tried your best to provide.
I admit I don’t say it often,
if at all even.
But I know this to be true,
Daddy I thank you.

Many things I took for granted as I grew,
I forget sometimes you are growing older too.
We’ve become somewhat out of touch,
and it’s my fault I don’t see you all that much.
I admit I don’t say it often,
if at all even.
But I know this to be true,
Daddy I love you

2 years ago

Hi Lao Ba! There isn’t much I need to say that I wished I could have told you, because it’s all mostly been said. From my continuous pestering for more of your life stories, to the gratitude I hold for molding me into what I am today, it’s all thanks to you. It’s also a testament to you that we share such a good relationship, and it’s something to be treasured.

Please take more time to rest. Should be easier now that you don’t have to be a chauffeur everyday, so stay healthy and enjoy your retirement! We’ll drive around more often and go on food trips around Singapore, and I aim to help you break your poor track record of often selecting the less-than-best-food available!

2 years ago

My father had always pushed me to go overseas to study, knowing how broken Indonesia is in terms of higher education. February 2006, the day I finally told him I got the scholarship that gave me the ticket to Singapore, he said how he was both happy and apprehensive, for someone like me who was so much attached to home, mommy, and daddy. Only later I found out he actually was losing sleep over it. Funny, because in front of me he was always the one who maintains a strong facade.

Fast forward 6 years later, I hope he can see that the bird has indeed left his nest, flew safely onwards to pursue his own dreams.


2 years ago






2 years ago
(Photo of me that my dad took during the commissioning parade. Note there’s no one else around because people were still walking over.)

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to say that even though I’ve only thanked you for all your support and dedication at milestones in my life (Secondary School Graduation, Commissioning), there isn’t a day that passes that I am not thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful dad. The most touching moment was during my commissioning parade. It’s often said by instructors that on this day, your family is there to see you commission as an officer. Nothing else matters, not whether there’s a minister around, or who got the sword of honour (Best Cadet Award). During my commissioning parade, my family got there 2 hours earlier than stated so they could get the best possible seats. And when it was time for them to come down to the parade square to put the ranks on my shoulders, you were the first one on the parade square, walking over as fast as you could, with the biggest smile on you face. I will never forget that beaming face as you snapped photos of me standing at attention in my uniform.  

This is the standout moment but there are plenty along the years where you served as my cook, chauffeur, cleaner, gaming buddy, mechanic, repairman, interior designer, contractor, guidance counselor, confidante, friend and discipline master. Here’s to everything you have done for me - THANKS DAD!

2 years ago

My father is a man of few words. Solemn, serious and studious. I have been told that I resemble him a lot but as a little girl then, but I have always admired those beautiful authentic features that my other siblings inherit from my mother. It was juvenile of me for having those thoughts then, I know.

Little do I know, I am at a slight priveledged position for having my father’s button nose.

I have a bedroom decorated to my likings, I am the successor of my father’s extensive rare stamp collections, I get a pen with my name engraved on it for my achievemnt in class and many other that none in my family can get from my dad without asking. My father and I share the same interests — drawing, designing, music, movies, ABBA, pork knuckles, the same sense of humour and we have the same food allergy: the abalone.

Having grown up, I often look into the mirror to find traces of my father in me. Button nose checked. Broad forehead checked. I wish for these features of mine stay with me forever.

So Pa, just between the two of us, you are a father that no other can be. And you are still my favourite man in the world.

PS. You have very nice nose and forehead.

2 years ago

— 祥
Thanks for taking care of us all these years!
Thanks for always being thrifty so as to leave the best for us.
Now that we’ve grown up, allow us to repay you.
2 years ago